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Cannot Afford to Keep Paying for the Site Alone

0gg, May 30, 12 3:39 PM.
I am afraid that because no one is helping to pay the $9 dollars it costs to keep this site running that I can no longer afford to do it alone. I understand that not everyone can afford to help,  but I really don't think $1 dollar a month from each member is asking for too much (especially when I see people are able to afford brand new $60 dollar games...).

Also it is not worth it to me to spend that amount of money when people are not logging on as much anymore.  It's a shame because it will bring back adds to the site and make the forums all but useless (unpaid mode only allows for about 2 pages in each thread).

I have to start saving because the college I plan on attending is not cheap (for tution or travel). It's really all up to the members of this site if they would like the site to not be restricted in what it can do. If all the members can pitch in $1 dollar a month than I can too, but I am not paying $9 each month all by myself. I simply can't afford to do that anymore.

Your friend and fellow guild member,


New Game & Other Updates

0gg, May 7, 12 1:11 AM.

Hi fellow Crunchians!

We have some exciting things going on these days. A new game as we wait for Divina Online has been found for us to pass the time. Rusty Hearts folks! It's the perfect game for us because we all seem to like it. By the way, for those who added me, add me me again because I got Edgar for a character now. Anyways my new username is Duskshine.

In other worthy news, you may have noticed something titled "Crunchyroll Schedule," with a link below it that takes you to a calendar. This calendar's purpose is simply for events and so the guild can know when some members won't be on. Anyone can edit this calendar to put days that they can't be on, and I highly suggest using it to your full advantage.

As a sidenote, I ask members not to abuse the calendar and put foolish things on it. It is only for the purposes I mentioned.

Your friend and fellow guild member,


New Music For Hompage & Calendar Coming Soon

0gg, Apr 30, 12 12:45 AM.

As you can see the poll has been closed, and Seirei no Moribito's opening has won. Me and Kyo thought that it would be a good idea if we had monthly polls for songs, so our site will always feel fresh and have new music.

Also a calendar will be soon added to the homepage to show events, and to also show when site leaders will be absent (I have a few days coming up where I will be noticeably absent most of the time due to me being in a play from that Thursday-Saturday night).

A warm welcome to snowbreak, our latest member. Remember fellow Crunchians, make all new members feel welcomed and get them right into the conversation (by force if you must, hehehe).

Your friend and fellow guild member,


New Event

0gg, Apr 29, 12 3:04 PM.

Because our members had so much fun drawing together on iScribble, it's going to be made into a weekly event.

Starting Saturdays at 7:00 P.M. you should look in chat for news on an iScribble room being created and then go onto and log into iScribble and let the fun start!

Just be nice to us untalented artists x.x

Also, on a sidenote, remember if you have not voted in the music poll (to decide which song will be our homepage tune) then do so soon! The poll is scheduled to close Monday.
Your friend and fellow guild member,


Chatbox Added & Other News

0gg, Apr 25, 12 2:51 AM.
Hi guys! You may have noticed that I finally figured out how to add  a chatbox right into our homepage! This was no easy matter, let me tell you, but I did it! So go on and chat it up fellow Crunchians! I only ask that you use your ingame name when using the chatbox.

Also, please for those who have not added their favorite song that they would like to see on the homepage do so in the forum thread:

The deadline for all songs to be posted in the thread is Thursday, with the poll being posted up on Friday (if everyone gets done sooner than expected than the times will be changed to an earlier date).

Events are also in the works for our site. So be looking forward to that!

Your friend and fellow guild member,

Hello and welcome to Crunchyroll! We are an awesome guild who just happens to love Divina Online! For those who don't know what Divina Online is all about, take a look below and check out the video!

This is the game we love. Come join us if you want!

Be nice.
Be awesome.
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